• Perfect Impressions



Perfect Impressions - The crowning in level of detail

A perfect AFFINIS impression is the key for accurately fitting, laboratory fabricated restorations. It provides the ideal basis for successful teamwork between the dentist and the dental technician.

The premium A-Silicone AFFINIS differs in various characteristic features from other surface activated impression materials:

Innovative surface affinity
The differentiating element of AFFINIS is a fast and innovative affinity of mixed material to moist tooth structure and tissue (gingiva).

Optimized flow
AFFINIS however, based on its surpassing combination of additives, which are capable of breaking material structures, displays a very low barrier to flow (self-contouring consistency)
At the same time, the mixed material is optimal thixotropic not to drip off the preparation.

Better models
AFFINIS, due to its synergistic and extremely active surfactant system, displays a fast and outstanding wetting by water of the set impression. When pouring the gypsum, the dental technician will appreciate these properties.

First ever autoclavable impression
All AFFINIS and AFFINIS PRECIOUS impressions are now autoclavable at 134° C without the loss of its well-known and appreciated AFFINIS physical properties. The new autoclavable AFFINIS impression material with a heat-resistant impression tray and special adhesive provides an integrated system for completely new possibilities in prevention.
AFFINIS impressions - not only clean, but also sterile.

AFFINIS light body

AFFINIS light body provides a low contact angle and wets the tooth and gingiva extremely effectively

AFFINIS regular body

AFFINIS regular body is a medium wash consistency with an adequate stability


AFFINIS PRECIOUS is the latest generation of wash materials with unique colours silver and gold colors.


The new black tray material AFFINIS heavy body BLACK EDITION reaches with gold or silver coloured AFFINIS PRECIOUS excellent readability of the impression.


AFFINIS MonoBody is tissue friendly and neutral in taste without side effects or patient discomfort.

AFFINIS heavy body

With its surface affinity technology and its ideal thixotropic characteristics AFFINIS heavy body builds up an ideal intraoral pressure, that which drives material easily into all critical areas.

AFFINIS System 360 Putty

A genuine putty from a large cartridge.

AFFINIS Putty Soft / Fast

AFFINIS putty soft is a standard putty in the AFFINIS putty range.