ROEKO Guttapercha Points

ROEKO Guttapercha Points are used in combination with sealers to obturate the root canal after root canal treatment.

The Guttapercha Points are available in different ISO sizes, in different tapers and with a top color coding, full color coding or in pink. Also conventional sizes are available to offer the dentist more options for various condensation techniques.

ROEKO Guttapercha Points Top color Drawer box

The color coding at the top of the pink points prevents mixing of sizes.

ROEKO Guttapercha Points color

The color coding of the guttapercha points prevents mixing of sizes and errors, reducing wastage and saving time.

ROEKO Guttapercha Points conventional

ROEKO guttapercha points conventional are more tapered and suitable for use as accessory points for condensation techniques.

ROEKO Guttapercha Points Greater Taper

ROEKO Greater Taper guttapercha points are ideal for obturating root canals which have been prepared with GT Files, HERO, ProFile, Quantec etc.

ROEKO Guttapercha Points Drawer box

ROEKO guttapercha points are ideal for lateral, vertical and thermal condensation, for perfect 3 dimensional obturation.