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Media Releases 2020

Date Description Filesize
17.12.2020 Dental markets recovering – Focus on high-growth segments and geographical regions 121.58 KB
07.08.2020 H1 2020: Pandemic impacts sales and profit 131.70 KB
16.06.2020 COLTENE posts strong first-quarter results, notes weaker demand since early April due to COVID-19 pandemic 121.95 KB
02.04.2020 Annual General Meeting – Shareholders Approve All Motions of the Board of Directors 120.54 KB
31.03.2020 Board of Directors proposes dividend reduction 122.70 KB
19.03.2020 Annual General Meeting of COLTENE Holding AG with conditions: COLTENE requires voting through the independent proxy 112.92 KB
05.03.2020 Financial Year 2019: COLTENE Group has continued to grow in stature, optimistic outlook 148.62 KB
24.01.2020 Key Figures FY 2019: Jump in revenue, integration of SciCan and Micro-Mega as well as new regulatory requirements burden the result 124.14 KB

Media Releases 2018

Date Description Filesize
10.10.2018 COLTENE Holding AG Successfully Completes Acquisition of SciCan and Micro-Mega 180.98 KB
27.09.2018 COLTENE Holding AG Completes Capital Increase Successfully and Announces an Offer Price of CHF 104.00 per Offer Share 131.30 KB
26.09.2018 Results of rights offering and number of shares for free placement 212.79 KB
14.09.2018 Extraordinary General Meeting – Shareholders Approve All Motions of the Board of Directors 135.29 KB
13.09.2018 COLTENE Holding AG Announces Terms of the Rights Offering in Connection with the Financing of the Planned Acquisition of SciCan and Micro-Mega 145.71 KB
22.08.2018 First half of 2018: Dynamic growth and planned fortification of core areas of Infection Control and Endodontics 339.46 KB
03.08.2018 Key Figures H1 2018: Significant sales growth and disproportionate increase in profitability 43.19 KB
26.06.2018 COLTENE to acquire dental companies SciCan and MicroMega, significantly boosting sales in the core areas of infection control and endodontics 115.77 KB
28.03.2018 Annual General Meeting – Shareholders Approve All Motions of the Board of Directors 179.44 KB
06.03.2018 Financial year 2017: COLTENE grows faster than the market – EBIT margin rises above the 15% mark 128.00 KB
31.01.2018 COLTENE reports pleasing growth for fiscal 2017 102.08 KB
24.01.2018 COLTENE concludes its acquisition of KENDA 98.62 KB

Media Releases 2017

Date Description Filesize
19.12.2017 COLTENE acquires KENDA 292.34 KB
15.12.2017 COLTENE is switching its accounting and reporting standard from IFRS to Swiss GAAP FER 308.54 KB
03.10.2017 COLTENE plans an extension of its headquarters in Altstaetten, Switzerland 293.63 KB
04.08.2017 First Half of 2017: Increase in Sales and Improved EBIT Margin 328.18 KB
29.03.2017 Annual General Meeting – Shareholders Approve All Motions of the Board of Directors 499.72 KB
24.03.2017 COLTENE Acquires Diatech LLC 294.68 KB
09.03.2017 Financial Year 2016: Sales, EBIT and Net Profit Increased 543.14 KB
03.03.2017 Astrid Waser proposed for election to the Board of Directors 498.21 KB
31.01.2017 Provisional Key Figures FY 2016: Increase in Sales, EBIT and Net Profit 508.05 KB

Press releases 2008

Date Description Filesize
10.12.2008 COLTENE completes capital reduction - Disclosure of Shareholdings 37.00 KB
05.12.2008 COLTENE Holding AG buys back 461,000 own shares 37.05 KB
17.11.2008 COLTENE Holding AG launches share buyback program and announces put option conditions 38.98 KB
24.10.2008 COLTENE confirms full-year guidance 48.18 KB
02.10.2008 Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting approves Share buyback in the amount of CHF 50 million 46.20 KB
11.09.2008 Share buyback of CHF 50 million 45.78 KB
26.08.2008 New General Manager Emerging Markets 38.54 KB
21.08.2008 Solid first half-year 2008 63.97 KB
07.08.2008 Half-year Results Conference Call of COLTENE Holding AG 39.68 KB
14.07.2008 Par value reduction at COLTENE on July, 14, 2008 43.54 KB
30.04.2008 COLTENE closed sale of Medical Business 46.36 KB
25.04.2008 Changing name from Medisize to COLTENE 47.01 KB
16.04.2008 Good start for MEDISIZE into 2008 35.92 KB
19.03.2008 Year-end Analyst/ Media conference 2007 55.43 KB
27.02.2008 Medisize to sell total Medical business for CHF 105 million 54.96 KB
27.02.2008 Invitation to the Media and Analyst Conference of Medisize Holding AG 33.75 KB

Press releases 2006

Date Description Filesize
06.11.2006 Medisize’s performance to exceed the prior year 21.21 KB
30.08.2006 Half-year results 2006 20.23 KB
21.08.2006 Half-year 2006 results Conference Call of Medisize Holding AG 19.48 KB
06.07.2006 Dr. Hans Grüter named Chief Financial Officer of Medisize Holding AG 22.12 KB
22.06.2006 Listing of registered shares in Medisize Holding AG, Wattwil 19.62 KB
16.06.2006 Financial Update on Gurit Holding AG and Medisize Holding AG as stand-alone Companies 9.88 KB
24.05.2006 Gurit Holding AG submits listing application for Medisize Holding AG on SWX 8.86 KB
28.04.2006 Gurit Holding AG and Medisize Holding AG above expectations in first quarter 2006 12.40 KB
21.03.2006 Gurit set to separate into two companies 37.55 KB
03.01.2006 Health Care company spin-off going to plan 30.76 KB